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"It was great to find a solution to help me easily manage my buddies for our weekly netball game"

Danielle (Organiser)

"Great App and community. Really enjoy the football every Sunday in Shoreditch"

Christian (Football Player)

"I'm a Yoga Instructor and really needed something more convenient to manage my classes - it was great to share the link direct to my WhatsApp group"

Jen (Instructor)

"I felt so welcome - really rare to find such a fun and welcoming community"

Hanna (Tennis Player)

"Easy to use, has a handy chat function, and lets you easily select by sport or occasion. Joining an event and paying is incredibly straightforward. Much better than the endless WhatsApp groups"

Nick (Football Organiser)

"I was just getting back into playing Tennis - the Ludo feature on the app was a god sent in not only finding someone to play with but then we also used it as a handy tool in managing our weekly game"

Landon (Big Fan)