What is Risum?

At it's core it is a community for people to find other people to play sport with, but we have opened it up to give independent organisers a place to manage their sessions.

Which activities can I use Risum to organise?

We pride ourselves on being a home for all sports & exercise lovers - risum works for yoga instructors and just a casual organiser of football all the same (so everything!)

Is Risum kind of like Meetup and Eventbrite?

It is - we have combined all the best features of both for our community

Where can I use Risum?

Payments can be processed in UK Pound Sterling & Euros via our partner Stripe. The app available in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales) and also in all 20 Euro Member Countries who use Euro as their currency. 

What does Risum mean?

Risum is derived from the old Latin word for "Joy" - it is how we believe  people should exercise, with a smile on their face

Is Risum Secure?

It is super safe - engineers from some top technology companies have built our app so you are in safe hands

 What is Ludo?

This section of the app is for the people who want to find others to play with - simply post your game and invite a nearby member.

Great for the likes of Running, Racket Sports and Gym

What is Forum?

This section of the app is for the organisers - click here if you want to use Risum to manage your activities

Can I delete my account easily?

Yes - just one click of a button in your profile settings.

We believe you can always tell the quailty of a product by how easy it is to delete your account